Speaking Serbian at the Drivethru Prank

Cameraman G and Cousin Zoran go around the city speaking Serbian at the drivethru and fast food places. Watch the reactions we get! Subscribe, like, comment,…
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24 Responses to Speaking Serbian at the Drivethru Prank

  1. kidchoda says:

    ti si jebeni Bog ! :D

  2. E. Cakova says:

    anyone know the song 1:18 ??

  3. Marilis92 says:

    sarma , burek , rakija … Turkish cuisine …

  4. suzic92 says:

    А немате ћевапа а? 

  5. Stanislav55 says:

    What do ya have against Siberia?

  6. SMannTV says:

    The whole world speaks serbian LOL

  7. 1125899906842624 says:

    @2:18 did she say “alhamdulillah?” Wtf…

  8. JackassThe007 says:

    Ma ti si glup !

    Bosanci hahahahhahfhahahahhaahah a pogledaj kolki je krst u autu :P

  9. Lazar Jovicic says:

    Ljudi zna li neko koja je pesma na 2:06? Hvala unapred. :)

  10. vm278 says:

    Hahaha this is great

  11. Andreea Autopsy says:

    What was the song playing at 1:23? It was catchy xD

  12. L'Oeil àSerbe says:


  13. TheJam1192 says:

    Really? That bitch was going to call the police?

  14. LenCh Noone says:

    Đe mi je burek jebote

  15. alckinoy says:

    Српски народ, поздрав од руских

  16. SoAdoreblyClueless says:

    ”Siberia? Jaoo sto si smotana” haha predobro

  17. aragorn1780 says:


  18. Korisnichko says:

    ma ovo su bosanci…

  19. RebekaFernandez says:

    haha :D 

  20. d3lrith says:

    Poznavam tozi moment….

  21. rootsdat says:

    Jebem ti pichko

  22. shant719 says:

    armenians love sarma and burek to lol

  23. llGAMESandTRAILERSll says:

    Слава Славјанска :D

  24. abdullah al-qhatani says:

    thank u muslims not  terrorists and i respect religions

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