Sexy Santa Poops Herself PRANK

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50 Responses to Sexy Santa Poops Herself PRANK

  1. redfredom361 says:

    She was hot for a few seconds

  2. The40nontyy3 says:

    This video is disturbing

  3. johnyoung9367 says:

    damn she is soo hott

  4. Jack Tubbzy says:

    Feels sorry for the first guy, he was just being nice

  5. RokkerBoyy says:

    Also, you seem a little pissed that you think your time was wasted so i would say he successfully trolled you.

  6. RokkerBoyy says:

    #1 If people think you shit yourself, they wont care how you act

    #2 Shut up

  7. TheImperiousIchigo says:

    That is technically not incorrect.
    It would be better to use every there, but maybe he was portraying Steve and Bree as desperate to piss anyone off.
    Have a pleasent day, sirrah.
    (*ಠДಠ)ノ<コ:ミ *TENTACLE ATTACK*

  8. kevin herling says:

    its a prank for a reason.

  9. unreal1298 says:

    This is fucking stupid
    Actually wait why the fuck did I even click this…

  10. raynan van muylwyk says:

    freaking genious

  11. therealericwinner says:

    replace every with any.

  12. TheImperiousIchigo says:

    I can’t understand your mumbling, but I shall try to interpret:
    “#1. That wasn’t trolling. In every way, shape, or form, you were pissing anyone off. You were just grossing the fuck out of them with a horrible, boring prank.”
    I assume this is a correct translation.

  13. Kole Koford says:

    1:28 Harley Morenstein’s Long lost hippie Canadian brother is like “Dafuq?!?”

  14. danel82921 says:


  15. Lajos György Mészáros says:

    trolling is the new word for being a jerk since 2009

  16. Jericho92Gamer says:

    This is so awkward i stopped it and left.

  17. Felipe Murrieta says:

    omg, first guy still wanted that. gross. i woulda ran away.

  18. meowameowa1112 says:

    Getting hit on? Theres only one solution….


  19. qaadirowayne says:

    that black dude is a gangster !, he would’ve wash that ass and still hit it hahaha

  20. L00peey says:

    that black man “girls squirt on themselves all the time” just fucking perfect LOL

  21. sevenhearted says:

    2:00 freddie from skins

  22. TropicalBrick says:

    I know right.
    Yeah obviously you wait untill she has a full tank to spray in your mouth.

  23. jo77laser says:

    Poo poo

  24. kayser79pr says:

    she is beautiful

  25. Morgan Freeman says:

    That brother thought she squirted because of him. And said “Girls quirt on themselves all the time.” What an asshole. I didn’t narrate that.

  26. Orhan Altuğlu says:


  27. hEshAmiwilltrymybest says:

    هاهاها أضحكلك !!!!!!!؟؟

    كس أمك

  28. NoMishtake says:

    So did he give your money back?! LOL

  29. stocktonmiller110 says:

    yea i understand……..ths is the shit that gets people famous on youtube act like idiots

  30. mundahrmalik says:

    the fame got to him he use to answer all his comments/questions, go look at his old videos check the comments to. ah i love what fame can do ^__^

  31. jean-michel laroche says:

    good job risking of making the little kids panic and get scared dudes…

  32. SuicidalXGamerZ says:


  33. Metab Uddin says:

    Adam rocking lebrons

  34. Chris Hansen says:

    This is stupid.

  35. ZZaraa786 says:

    your money :0

  36. Hajira Abuuh says:

    LoL I love u boy’s cause u make me laugh. Thnx for the video

  37. Foygerbaby1 says:

    u should try fucking a pussy its nice

  38. rateorhate11 says:


  39. Jeremy Delacruz says:

    wackk !!!

  40. pwiinsessii says:

    Ppl must think crazy people

  41. مجهول الهويه says:

    gerarehere 3:03

  42. ScarfaceGGGG says:

    Do more Pranks!!!!!

  43. gravitysynchron says:


  44. Adam Farah says:

    Oh really?okay tell me the country,city, and state of where this pranks took place c:

  45. Eemeli Bergstrom says:

    Wait so someones laying on the ground and not moving and everyone just walks past?? Nice place you have there.

  46. kcirtap792345678 says:

    HOLY FUCK.. The part where they are near the escalator, I WAS THERE THAT DAY. I walked past and saw these guys doing that shit, but I thought they were on drugs. LOL I didnt think it was a end of the world thing… How funny.

  47. geele34 says:

    Pretty lame to be honest!

  48. NWA362 says:

    thats not funny thats retarded 

  49. TheAnonymz says:

    You have guts! It’s really hilarious!

  50. Steven Ruiz says:

    log in the butt hole

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